Leadership, Values & Ethics Write a literature review analyzing the


Leadership, Values & Ethics

Write a literature review analyzing the relationship between leadership, personal values, and

ethics in an organizational context. Based on your research, formulate at least one hypothesis

about the relationship.

For example, you might select a particular leadership style (such as transformational leadership

or servant leadership) and a concept related to values or ethics (such as corporate social

responsibility or environmental sustainability). The literature review should discuss these

concepts as well as any antecedents or outcomes of the relationship between them. The

research might also reveal another variable which may mediate or moderate the relationship

between these constructs. Formulate at least one hypothesis based on the literature review.

Following APA, the  assignment  should consist of in-text citations and a reference list, which reflect

the research supporting the analysis. All of the sources mentioned in-text should be on the

reference list. There should be no sources on the reference list, which have not been mentioned


Following APA, format the assignment using MSWord, 1” margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman,

12 font. It should reflect impeccable grammar, spelling, style, logic, and critical thinking. There

is no minimum or maximum length.

Your literature review should be prepared and presented in assignment format following APA; it

should consist of the following elements:

· A cover page and abstract

· An introduction which engages the reader, sets the tone for the assignment, and describes the

· problem or topic the assignment will explore

· A clear thesis statement which states the purpose and focus of the assignment

· Reference to at least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles

· Headings to organize the flow of the assignment

· A conclusion that summarizes and contextualizes the assignment

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