Person-centered care means keeping the person at the center of

Person-centered care means keeping the person at the center of the care provided. It requires looking at the patient as a whole and treating the entire person, not just their illness. It also means developing their care around their wishes and desired outcomes.  With person-centered care, the care you provide is dependent upon their current need at the time, which could change with every encounter.

        Holistic nursing goes along with person-centered care. It looks at all aspects of the person. It includes the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.  According to the Journal of Holistic Nursing, holistic nursing is being self-aware. Nurses can understand subjectivity, spirituality, and empathy. (2019). These are essential to providing holistic nursing care.

            When practicing holistic nursing and person-centered care, you must also have cultural humility and be able to self-reflect. These are essential principles to apply in your practice. When treating the whole patient, you must also understand that their culture will influence the decisions for their care. It considers personal space, how they express themselves, and even how they perceive body contact.

             Self-reflection is when we are aware of our bias and cultural background. It is essential to look inward and address our biases and viewpoints and not let that hinder the care we provide to the patient.

            Caring for patients is an integral part of the job that we do. The Central European Journal of Nursing and Midwifery implies that caring comes in the form of assistance, alleviation, or help with improving the quality of life when an illness is encountered. (2016).

            As a nurse practitioner, I will do my best to care for my patients to the best of my ability. I firmly believe in advocating for my patients and producing the best patient outcomes. To achieve this, I will keep person-centered care and holistic nursing at the forefront of my practice.

            Educating myself on different cultures and self-reflecting will allow me to provide the person-centered care I wish to use as a nurse practitioner.

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