Part A: 100 words each Question 1.How can coaching activities


Part A: 100 words each Question

1.How can coaching activities benefit the culture in the mentee’s work environment? How can you leverage your mentee’s knowledge, strengths, and skills to create a positive outcome for the individual and work environment?

2.Describe the follow-up schedule you will use with your mentee. Does it support the activities listed in the “Individual Development Plan – Mentorship in Practice” template? Does it require modifications or adjustments? Describe any challenges you encountered.

3.Did you effectively evaluate your mentee prior to setting goals and selecting activities? Explain.

4.Reflect on the evaluation and observation process of the coaching or mentoring experience. Identify and describe two successes you encountered with the evaluation and observation process.

5.Identify and describe two challenges you encountered with the evaluation and observation process.

6.Describe your experience with creating a Mentee Evaluation Tool. What changes might you make in the future? For example, if you created a survey with only comments for feedback, do you think you would add a Likert scale (i.e., 1 to 5) as well next time?

7.Provide two takeaways from your mentee’s feedback from the Mentee Evaluation Tool.

Part B: 300 words

Was this process rewarding? What were your strengths and weaknesses as a coach or mentor? If you had it to do over again, what specific elements would you change? If you would not change anything, explain why. As you continue to develop your personal coaching or mentoring skills, is there an individual in your personal or professional life who can serve as your coach or mentor?

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