Choose Topic Provided Below: TOPIC: “Impact of workplace harassment and

Choose Topic Provided Below:

TOPIC: “Impact of workplace harassment and violence on the nursing profession”

You must use the ATTACHED PowerPoint presentation template

1. You are to create bullet points for each slide, not including the title and reference slides. 

2. Every slide must have a speaker note with a minimum of 4-5 sentences addressing the bulleted items on the slide.

3. Include Below Provided references for the presentation. 

4. All research articles that you need to use are attached below. 

The PowerPoint presentation must follow current APA style

  1. Your presentation should include the following slides:
    1. Title slide
    2. Why the topic was chosen
    3. How your topic impacts nursing practice
    4. Current relevance of the topic
    5. Clinical Practice Integration
    6. Plan for lobbying: Describe in detail your plan for how you would lobby your legislators or local government for funding and support for your chosen current issue or trend.
    7. Conclusion
    8. Reference slide


Concilio, L., Joan, S. L., Oermann, M. H., Kronk, R., & Schreiber, J. B. (2019). Newly licensed

nurse resiliency and interventions to promote resiliency in the first year of hire: An

integrative review. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 50(4), 153-161.


De Souza, J.,Silva Ramos, Costa, A. C. B., & Vilela, S. d. C. (2020). Interpersonal relationships

between nursing-patient in the perspective of current violence. Revista De Pesquisa,

Cuidado é Fundamental Online, 12, 648-653.


Fehr, F. C., Sarwal, S., & Haley, J. P. (2022). Impact of cognitive rehearsal training over time for

new registered nurses. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 53(5), 203-211.


Lawrence, J. A.,M.ScN.R.N.(E.C.) C.Neph(C.), & Parkes, R., B.A. (2021). How do you be your

best self in a vexatious world? Nephrology Nursing Journal, 48(3), 261-265.


McGuire, S. S., Mullan, A. F., & Clements, C. M. (2021). Unheard victims: Multidisciplinary

incidence and reporting of violence in an emergency department. The Western Journal of

Emergency Medicine, 22(3).


Teo, S. T. T., Nguyen, D., Trevelyan, F., Lamm, F., & Boocock, M. (2021). Workplace bullying,

psychological hardiness, and accidents and injuries in nursing: A moderated mediation

model. PLoS One, 16(1)


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