From the humdrum of the mid-2000s web apps, Apple radically

From the humdrum of the mid-2000s web apps, Apple radically changed the mobile world with the iPhone, offering well-designed apps of their own and curating apps that were accepted into the App Store.  That influence has been far reaching, prompting Google to push their boundaries and develop material design, a design language that has become the distinctive hallmark of Android apps.  When compared to the web world where some popular apps could get away with mediocre design, why do mobile apps face a higher design bar?  Anytime you see data presented in a single-column format, whether it’s in the Settings app, the list of songs in the Music app, or the list of emails in the Mail app, those are examples of using a table which contains stored data being configured in different ways.

  • Why is it important to persist mobile application data into a database?
  • Discuss six (6) ways that data can persist in iOS
  • Why is navigation using tables an important aspect of mobile app development?
  • Discuss how navigation using tables in iOS is compared to Android (see Hand-out)

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