Here’s the criteria for Part Four: Integrating your previous analysis


Here’s the criteria for Part Four: 

Integrating your previous analysis and comparing and contrasting the differences in financial policies (e.g., corporate investing & financing decisions) across the companies, discuss the following:(Required no of pages-1 is enough)
1. Evaluate  company’s-Quest Diagnostics recent strategic actions from the financial perspective;
2. Your recommendations on how  company-Quest Diagnostics can improve their financial policies;
3. Your recommendation on the  company-Quest Diagnostics most likely to be more successful in the future.

This is a group(Total 3 People) Assignment .I am Assigned with Quest Diagnostics Company.Other’s are assigned with Labcorp company and Davita Company.others already completed their tasks and waiting on my company task.Please find the attached document-Reference of others how Davita and Labcorp companies assigned people written and take it as reference and write about Quest Diagnostics.I am also attaching previous assignments(Part 1,Part 2,Part 3) to understand more about quest diagnostics and other companies

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