A Study of Lean Management and Lead-Time.

Assessment Task LEAN MANAGEMENT is recognised as a means of delivering VALUE to the CUSTOMER. The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate an understanding of LEAN MANAGEMENT and the practical concepts within it. LEAD TIME is defined as the time between placing an order for a product and receiving the order. Deliverables and Assessment Breakdown 1. To set the scene for this Essay, select an organisation and describe it in an appropriate manner for an Operations Manager. Describe: • The main product or service produced by the organisation. • Who are the main customers for this product or service? (10% of word count) 2. It is recognised that delivering Value to Customers can be greatly improved by the implementation of Lean Management within an organisation. Your task is to research academic articles on Lean Management and prepare a brief review of the topic. Identify the concepts that are usually practiced within a Lean Management regime. Choose THREE of the concepts and • Describe each concept clearly • State what benefits each concept delivers to a user. • Identify an organisation that uses each concept. (60% of word count) 3. Suggest how one of the concepts you have described could help your chosen organisation. (15% of word count) 4. Sam owns a shop that sells wedding dresses. The products are one-offs, made to individual design specifications. In WEEK 26, Sam discusses with her manufacturer a design for a new wedding dress. Sam and the designer agree on a specification and she places an order with the manufacturer. A) Calculate how long it will take before the dress is available for sale in Sam’s shop. That is, what is the Lead-Time between Sam placing the order with her manufacturer and being able to display the item for sale in her shop? The information you need to calculate the Lead-Time is as follows: 1. To design the dress 2 weeks 2. To raise the order for the parts for the dress 1week 3. To manufacture and deliver all the parts of the dress 4 weeks 4. To assemble the dress 2 weeks 5. To deliver the finished product to Sam’s shop 1 week B) What will be the week number when the dress can be displayed? All the dress parts in this example come from the UK. C) How would the Lead Time be affected if the dress parts came from Italy, or from China? (15% of word count) Learning outcomes: The learning outcomes that are being assessed in this assignment are: A. Recognise operational issues and quality requirements when managing organisation’s resources. B. Examine and apply operational theory to selected concepts to a chosen real-life business scenario.

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