Computer Science: Smart Projector_ HCI

Alternative design As an alternative design for the smart projector that will help the elderly with simple chores and their usual routine involving effortless interaction with smart technologies, several existing models were considered as references for architecture of the platform:

(1) The technology of Smart Trash Can is considered as a useful platform for the grocery needs of elderly customers. The Smart Trash Can is built with technology primarily with RFID that will scan the barcoded items being thrown away and the same item will be included in the grocery list for the elderly. The grocery list can either be transmitted to the nearby participating store and have it delivered to the customer’s home or the customer herself can pick up a readied items from the nearby store.

(2) The Airbar is considered as the most promising innovation of navigating computing devices without the need to physically use the keyboard and the mouse of the computer. with Airbar, the elderly computer users can easily use the computers just by touching the interactive menus or tabs flashed on the screen. 

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