Coursework Part 2: EC221 Finance Assignment Brief

This element of the EC221 module is assessed through an individual corporate analysis. You are required to select one publicly listed company from within your group’s chosen global industry. Students within the same group cannot analyse the same company. You are then required to use tools of financial analysis to assess the corporate performance of your selected company from the perspective of a potential acquirer. It is expected that your interpretation of your financial analysis will draw upon the macroeconomic country analysis and global industry analysis undertaken within the first section of the module, where appropriate.

Your interpretation of your financial analysis will in addition draw upon aspects of finance which we cover in the second semester. For example, ratios concerning liquidity and efficiency can be considered as evidence of working capital management practices within companies. You are expected to compare the corporate performance of your chosen company (i.e. by exchanging companies’ ratios with your fellow group members, or by comparing your company’s ratios with industry benchmarks found in the web) again drawing upon key aspects of your macroeconomic country analysis and global industry analysis to inform your comparisons and benchmarking where appropriate.

Learning Outcomes:

• Analyse and interpret financial information in a meaningful way • Assess the microeconomic performance of companies though an understanding of publicly available data • Develop skills to analyse microeconomic performance and make comparisons • To understand the practical aspects of the financing of global companies

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