Importance and use of altered states caused by amanita muscaria in Siberia

The major assignment for the course will be a theoretical essay due inclass time. The essay will be 3500 words, not including required abstract, APA format with proper citation and reference list. It does not have to have running head or section heads, but it must have a proper title page that has your title, your name, and student number, the course code, and thedate on which you handed in the essay. You must make use of at least 10 academic journal articles or academic books in your essay. Give priority to articles and books written in the last ten years, but older sources are permitted where necessary or relevant.

This paper is your opportunity to research and present an original thesis, emerging from the course themes, yoursubmitted Topic Proposal and any feedback. Essays will be expected to conform to academic and scholarly rigour, but may be broadly interdisciplinary. The essay is a theoretical argumentative paper, where you will integrate material to provide a plausible account of whatever unconscious aspect or phenomenon your essay is addressing. You must have a clearly stated, explained, developed, and defended thesis that addresses your topic in a relevant manner. Your thesis must be challenging, that is, it must beone that it is initially plausible to not believe or reject, and therefore requires your essay to make it plausible. Do not use trivial theses such as: more research is needed, phenomenon X is interesting and/or complicated, etc. The topics given are quite broad and part of what you will be evaluated on is your ability to come up with a specific and relevant thesis. I am happy to provide feedback on potential theses, and to read introductory paragraphs. Rough drafts will not be evaluated, however. Part of what you will be evaluated on is finding relevant sources and incorporating them well into your paper.

The rubric for the essay will be: 1) 10 marks for choosing and framing a topic. 2) 10 marks for coming up with a clear and challenging thesis. 3) 20 marks for critically reviewing relevant research 4) 20 marks for critically reviewing relevant theoretical debate 5) 30 marks for an integrative argument for your thesis. 6) 10 marks for proper APA format, abstract and overall style

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