Literature Critique – Fisheries Economics.

 Choose one on which to focus your written critique, which should be 2-3 single-spaced pages and contain the following sections: Problem Statement (10 points) – What overall problem is being analyzed in the paper? What is the underlying economic and/or natural resource problem? What is the paper’s purpose? What research question is being investigated? Methods (10 points) – What research methods were used? What, if any, assumptions were made? Summary of Results (10 points) – What are the key results? What do they mean? Economic Reasoning (15 points) – What is the economic intuition (i.e., “the story”) behind the problem and the results? For example, what incentives are driving the behavior of key decision makers? Critique (25 points) – What are the paper’s major strengths and weaknesses? Is the paper relevant? What is its major contribution? Are any assumptions reasonable? Were the methods appropriate? Was enough information provided such that results could be duplicated? Was the paper clear and concise? Did it make good use of tables and figures? Did the authors address the problem they said they would? Was the paper convincing? What are avenues for future research? Would you recommend this paper to your fellow students?

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