Mamma Mia Purchasing – Data Flow Analysis

Refer to the full description of the Mamma Mia Purchasing project in Week 8. In Weeks 4, 5, 6, and 8 you write one section of the final report (although for the last section in Week 8 you will incorporate all previous sections, with any adjustments that you may want to make to it based on instructor’s feedback or any other reason). As such, the paper should not be written as an essay (with introduction and conclusion) but, instead, as a business report containing only the specified subsections each week. This week’s paper should include well-detailed diagrams prepared with MS Visio or any other drawing program – no hand-drawn diagrams are allowed. The paper will document the complete data flows through DFD diagrams (not the current, “old” manual data flows, but the new system’s data flows.) There is no word count requirement for this paper — the specific subsection headers to include are as follows: Note that for Module 4’s Portfolio Milestone, you completed parts 1-4. For this Milestone, you will complete part #5. 5. DFD Diagrams: Context/Level 0 Level 1, first diagram [Name of diagram] Level 1, second diagram [Name of diagram] Level 2, as many additional diagrams as needed.

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