Real time cybersecurity using Julia Lang 1.1 vers, for Smart cities sensors environment

The background of Julia in cybersecurity – has to rely on big data [colected from phones/IoT sensors/wheater websites etc as a base for predicting critical/abnormal/dangerous variations of any combined parameters). The research article structure has to include chapters (not exactely this order): 1. Intro (max 0.5 pag); 2. State of the art (max 0,5 pag includes – Cybersecurity with Julia (the Cisco projects with Cech with Flux.jl + Mill.jl etc) 3. Methodology used (max 0.5 pag) 4. Real-time cybersecurity using Julia for big data – would be the main chapter – with subchapters – min 3 pages (with max 0.5-1 page of coded alghoritms but only if is original or important); 5. Implication for practice (max 0,5 pag); 6. Future works (0.5-1 pag in the contex of Smart medical services [e-Ambulance] in Smart cities). 7. Conclusions (max 0.5 pag)

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