Recreation and Tourism Management: Camp Fire, North California Fires and Woolsey Fires

Students will focus their research papers on one of the following recent issues in California (CA CAMP/WOOSLEY FIRES), and construct an analysis of the impact on parks, recreation, hospitality, entertainment and tourism industry. Specific examples must be identifying social, economic, and political implications for affected communities. Next, identify ways in which the profession responded to the situation. What could have been done that was not done? This is considered a research-informed paper, supported by published evidence. ***8-10 pages, APA Format, inclusion of 10 referred (peer reviewed) journal articles and 5 other published media (news reports, etc.) Incorporate community data, census, geographical maps and other visual to connect with the reader. Identify locations or prior locations of facilities related to the industry. Which organizations “stepped up.” What are plans to rebuild infrastructure, systems, and programs to enhance tourism, recreation, hospitality, events, and entertainment industries in these areas. Incorporate a specific plan for the future (people, place/environment, economic development, political and policy implications)

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