Topic Environmental Framework

 In a concise, well-informed, and properly sourced 200/300-word paragraph, you will outline the environmental framework within which the relationship between the “item” and its related landscape design schemes have taken place. This paragraph will be illustrated with 2 to 5 images (photos, maps, plans and cross sections to scale, sketched views). You have to identify and briefly characterize the systems of beliefs (religious to cultural), knowledge (episteme), and know-how (techniques) that inform and structure the related environmental framework. Examples of such systems include: Chinese geomancy (feng shui, qi), Aristotelian “physis” and “techne” (ancient to medieval and early modern, Western and Islamic science), Hindu cosmology and technology (Vastu Sastra, mandala, etc.), Great Plains indigenous knowledge, Maya (camaquen)… to name but a few. This characterization will encompass culturally-specific:-notions and principles of what we commonly call “nature” (cosmologies, space and time)-Beliefs-Knowledge (science) and know-how (technologies); -Distinction and relation between humans and non-humans, animated and non-animated beings (ontologies). Doing so, you will actually be addressing both the item’s materials (which are they and how were they conceived of and processed technically) and the materiality of the landscape design scheme (its setting and the way it was thought of, understood, and laid out, in a specific place and time, using what specific technical means, tools, and protocols). Rather than simply describing the item and its context, the purpose of this paragraph is to articulate or highlight the connections between item’s characteristics, principles of landscape design scheme(s), and notions of their environmental framework.No specific sources required Subject Art & architecture 

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