RESEARCH PAPER( juveniles delinquency)

The articles will be used to complete your Article Review. Articles should be from within the last 5 years. • Gender and Delinquency • School and Delinquency • Drugs and Delinquency The Format will be as follows: • Title/Cover page • Table of Contents that lists the title of the article.

• Introduction- discussing the definition of juvenile delinquency and introducing the topics you are going to cover in your summaries (1full page) • Article Summaries • Conclusion- Answer the question: What needs to be done to reduce juvenile delinquency in our society? (2 pages) • Reference Page The article review is one continuous paper. Please highlight the title of each article when you begin each summary. Article Summary Format (Each summary should be approximately 2 pages in length). 1. Summarize what the article is about. 2. Relate the article to the information in the text using in-text citations from the text

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