Management of Incidents

Please read the following links in the order listed below and write down a checklist of what is important to note as far as management of incidents.

1. The Lockheed Martin Intelligence Driven DefenseĀ®. Retrieved from Lockheed Martin, Added: 2. Addressing the Cyber Kill Chain: Full Gartner Research Report and LookingGlass Perspectives. Retrieved from LookingGlass, 3. Laliberte, M. (2016, September 21).

A twist on the Cyber kill chain: Defending against A JavaScript Malware attack. Retrieved from 4. Assante, M. J., & Lee, R. M. (2015, October ). The Industrial Control System Cyber Kill Chain. Retrieved from SANS, 5. SANS Monitoring and Measuring the CIS Critical Security Controls Poster. (2018). Retrieved from SANS,

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