Dependence structure modelling (with emphasis on Multivariate Count

Interested in the Methodology section which should include the mathematical derivations and proofs. Also based on reviewed methodology s(h)e should propose a novel class of model(s) which is/are efficient, unbiased and robust satisfying all the asymptotic properties backed with proofs, algorithms and simulations. Software for analysis is R or Python 3. All codes should be knitr(ed) into the final document and be delivered in LATEX or LYX format. Any sources used must be properly referenced to enable verification.  “The mathematical development of the novel methodology should be presented in detail. New theorems and proofs (as well as relevant existing theorems) should be provided as necessary for analytical evaluation of the properties of the new methods. Simulation studies may be necessary to empirically evaluate the properties of these methods; the simulation designs should be described in sufficient detail to allow replication of the results by others. Comparisons should be made to existing methods, if any, for addressing the same research problem. Results of the evaluations should be clearly and thoroughly presented in figures and tables that are self-contained. Example data from actual scientific studies should be used whenever possible (and applicable) to illustrate the utility of the new methodology.”

#Dependence #structure #modelling #emphasis #Multivariate #Count

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