‘Know Thyself’- Self Analysis

For this assignment write a response to the issues addressed below. Be sure to cover all aspects of the questions. This assignment is to be typed, double-spaced, 12 pt font size, proper margins, and written in essay form. While I am primarily interested in the quality of your ideas, elements such as spelling, grammar, syntax, and form will be included in the overall assessment of this assignment. This essay is to be a MINIMUM of 3 FULL pages. Based on your reading of the ideas/theories related to self-concept, in chapter three of our text and class lecture/discussion, respond to each of the following in essay form: 1) Analyze the primary sources that helped shape/influence your self-concept: significant others (parents, primary caregivers, early education teachers, etc.), cultural teachings, social comparison (peers, friends, colleagues), life experience. (Refer to the above model). 2) How do you perceive yourself in terms of: A. Your physical appearance B. Your belief systems (religion/philosophy), C. Your degree of self-esteem, D. Your social traits What are your strengths and weaknesses in each area? How do you think others perceive you in each area? How do you rate yourself in comparison to others in each area? What were your cultural teachings in each area? 3) How has your perception of self-influenced your perception of others? 4) What steps have you taken to increase perceptual accuracy when it comes to judging/evaluating/categorizing other people?

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