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 Group 4 lesson Plan: Each group member will read over the chapter and provide a summary, identify the thesis and identify any questions the author is trying to answer in the chapter. Each member will also highlight some of the specific aspects of the leisure realm, race, sexuality, rebellion and articulation of culture (Public and Private). Below is the first 5 pages and I will we need something exactly like this but with the next 5 pages (pg. 9-13): P. 103-8 (Andres) Summary: In chapter 4, Escobedo continues her examination of the choices Mexican American women make, as a means of navigating through cultural and social boundaries, during the “War years”. Thesis Statement: The Second World War provided a platform in which Mexican American Women could express themselves, re-define social boundaries, Chicana identity and participation in the work force. What Question(s) is the Author trying to answer? The author is trying to convey that Mexican American Women, during the Zoot Suit riot era, were not merely pawns in warring groups of men. Mexican American women utilized the flexibility in war time leisure culture, to fulfill individual desires, promote a new identity not bound by past Mexican or American social standards, which broadened the public presence and empowerment Information referenced from Chapter 4: Mimi Lozano (P.106), Connie Gonzalez (P.105), Virgie Gonzalez (P.106) and Alice Castillo (P.108). BOOK NEEDED: Elizabeth R. Escobedo, From Coveralls to Zoot Suits: The Lives of Mexican American Women on the World War II Home Front Chapter 4 After the Brief information like the example above please create a ‘teaching plan’ for those five pages(109-113). Include bullet points for people to see and then a longer information/explanation for me to ‘teach’.

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