Book Review: Suicide (Authors: Emile Durkheim, George Simpson &

Suicide by Emile Durkheim, George Simpson, and John A. Spaulding Cover (if included,1 page) Part 1: Presentation (min. 1 page) Give us an overview of the theorist and the work you have selected. You can include minimal biographical and historical information here. Discuss their major contributions and impact on the field of sociology. What is the significance of this particular work? What were they hoping to accomplish with it? How does it fit in with their larger body of work or theoretical project? This information can often be found in the introduction section of the book. You may draw on and quote journal articles and other book reviews. Be sure to cite your sources in a Works Cited or References page if you use outside sources. Part 2: Review (min. 3 pages) Summarize the main arguments and points of the book. What phenomenon or aspect of social reality is the author trying to unpack, reveal or illuminate? What are the key terms, concepts and themes used? How are they defined? Is there a recognizable theoretical orientation or flavor to the book? How it the theorist and/or the book representative of a particular theoretical perspective? Describe the evidence, strategies and methods used to support the arguments. How does this original reading square with what you have learned in our text about the author? What core sociological insights emerge? What contribution does this work make to the subject area or topic? Part 3: Critique (min. 2 ½ pages) Define and discuss perceived strengths and weaknesses of this authors arguments. What in your opinion did they get right or wrong? Express any reservations you might have. Include your personal reactions, reflections and impressions here. You may draw on the critiques from other schools and perspectives to inform your critique. How well does their theory or explanation help us to understand the social phenomenon or process? Conclusion (min. ½ page): Provide a well developed conclusion that summarizes all of your main points and conclusions here. Give the class an idea what you learned and will take away from this work. How important do you think this book is? Do you recommend it to others? Why or why not? Works Cited (when appropriate, 1 page separate or at the end of the Conclusion if space permits. Up to 20% of the review can be quoted material but please DO NOT double space between the lines of quoted material. Quoted material should always be typed and offset in block style.

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