Plato Gorgias

Description Essay #1 Assignment Instructions This is the first of two essays that you are required to write for this course. The following instructions are to be followed carefully, if you depart from them you will be docked points on your paper. 1. Length This paper must be 9-10 (properly formatted) pages in length and is not to exceed 10 pages. To ensure that you meet the length requirements you must format your paper in standard MLA format. · Standard 1-inch margins on all sides · 12-point Times New Roman Font · Lines must be double spaced · No extra space between paragraphs · Page numbers (top right) · No separate cover page, at the top of the first page of your paper state the following on 4 separate lines: your name, my name, course number, date. This may be followed by a title. Please see this link if you are still unsure. · No special bindings, just a single staple in the top left corner Deviation from this will incur a formatting penalty of up to 10%. This does not include additional deductions which will be incurred if your paper does not meet the length requirements of the task. 2. Citations and Secondary Literature Please note this assignment does not require you to consult secondary literature. Actually,  avoid consulting secondary literature. The only work that you are required to reference is our translation of the Plato’s Gorgias. Use standard MLA format. When quoting from the text, use the Stephanus numbers (ie. 488b, 460e) and not the page numbers of the text. This is standard practice when referencing Plato. If you do not know what Stephanus numbers are or how to use them, google it. 3. Essay Submission Essays are due at the beginning of class. Please refer to the course syllabus if you have any questions about essay submission policies. Essay #1 Due: Wednesday, February 6 Essay Question What do we learn from Socrates’ discussions with Polus and Callicles about the potential dangers of rhetoric for political society? Explain what lessons we are to glean from each discussion. A good answer to this question will offer a focused and detailed examination of Socrates’ discussion with each of the aforementioned interlocuters.

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