Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Project Financing of a large and complex

Critically examine the requirements for Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Project Financing of a large and complex infrastructure or similar type of project. With 2500 words & min of 15 sources

1. Define Project Finance and how Project Finance sponsored (Debt, Equity)

2. What are the requirements for a robust business Case.

3. Define SPV (SPC) and reasons for using an SPV for such projects.

4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Project Finance of SPV 5. How to measure the process of the Project (financial) Performance (i.e NPV, Cash In, Cash out) 6. Manage Risk associated w/project (ex: Regulatory Risk, Political Risk, Operation Risk,..) and mitigation. 7. Do Sensitivity Analysis 8. Do Case model (ex: best case model and other) 9. What are Sustainability aspects that may be necessary in such projects

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