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This is part 2: Literature Review

The introduction must explains the working topic and thesis. Key topics or texts that will appear in the literature review are forecasted. How the sources were found and analyzed for inclusion and discussion in the review is described. The body summarizes and synthesizes an overview of the main points of each source, combining them into a coherent whole. The findings and interpretations are analyzed and critically evaluated, mentioning strengths and weaknesses of the sources. Well-structured paragraphs are used, including transition words and topic sentences to draw connections, comparisons, and contrasts. Key findings taken from the literature are summarized and their significance emphasized. The conclusion connects back to the primary research question.

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In this literature review, the working topic is the impact of exercise on mental health. The thesis of this review is to examine the existing literature on the relationship between exercise and mental health, discussing the key findings and their significance.

To conduct this review, various sources were found through extensive research in academic databases, such as PubMed and PsycINFO, as well as through the use of relevant keywords and search terms. Peer-reviewed articles, literature reviews, and meta-analyses were selected for inclusion in this review, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable analysis of the topic.

Each source was thoroughly analyzed and evaluated for its relevance, quality, and methodology. Strengths and weaknesses of the sources were considered, including the study population size, research design, and statistical analysis methods used. This critical evaluation allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the literature and the ability to draw accurate conclusions.

The body of the literature review consists of well-structured paragraphs that summarize and synthesize the main points from each source. Transition words and topic sentences are utilized to create seamless connections between sources, allowing for effective comparisons and contrasts. By combining the information from various sources, a coherent overview of the topic is presented.

Through this comprehensive analysis of the literature, several key findings were identified. These include the positive impact of exercise on reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, improving overall mood, and enhancing cognitive function. The significance of these findings is emphasized, highlighting the potential of exercise as a non-pharmacological intervention for mental health disorders.

In conclusion, this literature review has explored the relationship between exercise and mental health. The findings indicate that exercise has numerous benefits for mental well-being, providing a strong foundation for further research. By connecting back to the primary research question, the conclusion highlights the importance of promoting physical activity as a means to improve mental health outcomes.

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