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For this assignment, you will work to develop your definition of terms and study assumptions. You should add these sections, as well as the framework section from last week, to your existing paper that you submitted in Week 4 for a full review by your Chair in the classroom (Part 1) and your URM in Teams (Part 2). While your Chair will review your entire chapter, your URM will review your alignment components.

Review the following sections of the “Doctoral Phase 2 – Precis” section of the CDS Dissertation Guide on CDS Central:

Definition of Terms

Assumptions, Limitations, and       Delimitations

Develop your Definition of Terms and Assumptions sections. (Note: You will develop the Limitations and Delimitations sections in next week’s assignment.)

Adhere to the Doctoral Phase 2 – Precis template found in the CDS Dissertation Guide. 

Note: Definitions should be precise and you should use terms consistently throughout the document, cite sources, write definitions at operational level, and do not use dictionary definitions.

Combined, these sections should be 1-3 pages long. You may use previous coursework when developing your dissertation phase deliverables.

Be sure to support all aspects with peer reviewed literature and include APA formatted references.

  • Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Complete the following 2 parts to this assignment.

  • Part 1: Chair and URM Review Submission

Submit your updated precis (which should include the definition of terms, and assumptions, limitations, and delimitations sections), as well as a completed change matrix to your Chair.

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In order to complete this assignment, the student is required to develop their definition of terms and assumptions sections for their existing paper. They should refer to the Doctoral Phase 2 – Precis template found in the CDS Dissertation Guide and adhere to APA guidelines for formatting their paper. It is important for the definitions to be precise and consistent throughout the document, citing sources and avoiding the use of dictionary definitions. The combined length of these sections should be 1-3 pages, and the student should support their statements with peer-reviewed literature and include APA formatted references. The completed precis, including the definition of terms and assumptions sections, should be submitted to their Chair along with a completed change matrix.

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